Hat Sizing

We make all standard sizes, as well as all in-between sizes, and all smaller or larger than standard sizes.

The standard adult sizes are:








We custom make each hat new, based on the exact head circumference in cm or inches of each customer. We work with measurement increments of ½cm (= ¼"). When measuring for size, please place tape measure about ½cm above the ears and then place evenly around the head, level to the floor.

The tape measure should sit nice and snug, not pulled overly tight but not loose either. It is a good idea to get another person to help with this process.

Please use a flexible, seamstress' tape measure. Please contact us, if you have any questions about the measuring process.

Belt Sizing

We custom make each belt to exactly fit the individual customer. For this, we need the customer's waist measurement. You can obtain this, by threading a flexible, seamstress' tape measure through the flaps that usually hold your belt in place on your jeans or pants. Measure your waist circumference exactly, without adding any extra to allow for the buckle. We then cut belt to allow for the buckle and for the tip of the belt.

Alternatively, if you have a belt that you like and that fits you exactly, you can also measure the exact length of the belt, from its tip to where the leather intersects with the buckle. You can then specify the exact length of leather belt that you like, however, you do need to differentiate that kind of measurement from a waist measurement, so we know, how to go about the belt's size.

Diary/Book covers

We can custom make a leather diary, book, journal or sketch pad cover to fit any size internal book. In order to make a custom sized cover, we will need you to provide us with a length, a width and a thickness measurement. Please do not add any extra to those measurements, as we will then allow for that exact internal to be inserted, and of course the cover will be cut slightly larger.