Custom Made Hats, Belts & Accessories


We specialise in custom making leather hats and accessories. We therefore welcome enquiries regarding custom option for hats, belts, bags, diary covers or any other accessory that we make.

Some of the common and easy customisations that we can do with a hat is to make the brim wider or narrower, to change buckles or other ornamentation to other styles, to modify the hat band and decorative items on the hat band or to modify the height of the hat altogether. Also, many hats are available in alternative colours of leather or suede or fabric and we can also change the colour of the hat band quite easily.

It is essential, however, that you contact us prior to making custom purchase, to discuss what you have in mind and what you envisage. This will allow us to check on what we have in stock, what we are able to source and we can then also create a custom quote for you.

If you would like us to work to a photo or drawing that represents your custom hat, please do contact us and send us the image. Our hat maker is often able to create a hat that is very similar to the image and that satisfies the customer's wishes. We have in the past often created new hat styles through working with a customer on their vision.

Communication is essential in this process, to avoid misunderstandings. We offer options to personalise your hat, such as inscribing a name on the inside of the hat or custom printing on the hat band.

We are also able to custom make belts in the specified width, to fit a particular buckle. Most of the time, we are also able to source buckles styles and colours according to the customer's wishes.

Diary covers can also be extensively customised. We work with techniques such as embossing and printing, as well as etching, to add customised images to our leather covers. We can cover any size book/pad. All we need is the measurements for the item to be covered.