About Us

John & Bernard Cartoon

Cobb & Co Hats & Accessories is a boutique leather craft workshop – each one of our products is designed in-house and hand crafted from start to finish. All designs are created by R. John Whittaker, master leather craftsman since 1972. Over the past 46 years, John has stayed true to his passion of designing and creating unique and beautifully finished leather goods. Having started his career in leather craft in 1972 in Melbourne, John benefited from the spirit of the 70s, when artisans and craftsmen/women freely shared ideas and innovative techniques.

Cobb & Co was the name of the first and also very successful stage-coach company in Australia and its spirit of toughness and pioneer mentality exemplify John's mindset and his products. He has expanded his product range vastly over his original Bush Hats – he still has, however, a focus on men's and women's leather hats. John particularly enjoys making "cool", "edgy" and eccentric Victorian era hats.

Our products are all designed and hand crafted by John Whittaker and fellow leather craftsman, Bernhard Henger, in the Cobb & Co workshop located in the Strathbogie Ranges country Victoria, Australia. Leather hides are transformed into hats, bags, belts, diary covers, phone covers, guitar straps and still other products, hand-made from start to finish.

One of the many advantages of ordering a hand crafted hat or other products are the custom options. Unlike factory-produced hats, our hats are custom made new for each customer. We work with precise head circumference measurements which means that a hat made by us for you will fit "like a glove". We also specialize in custom making new hat designs. We offer in-depth consultations, via email or in person, to help create the hat you've always wanted but never knew how to find.

Our service is prompt, professional, always friendly and warm. We pride ourselves on our communication, where the emphasis is always on serving the customer. We gain our satisfaction through our customers' feedback, when our customers tell us that we've made their day, when their new hat arrives!